Prasun is a final-year student at BITS Pilani KK Birla Goa Campus, Goa, India pursuing a dual degree in M.Sc. in Biological Sciences and B.E. in Chemical Engineering. He is a huge supporter of Open-source software and loves Bioinformatics.

He is highly motivated to bring Scientific Computing to Ruby.

He worked as a student developer for Ruby Science Foundation for Google Summer of Code 2016 on the project “Port NMatrix to JRuby”.

Currently, he is involved with different open-source projects aimed at super fast Scientific Computing on Ruby and D.


Prasun likes to program in C, C++, Java, D and Ruby. He is inclined towards using Parallelism for exploiting multiple cores on CPU and is on the road to master Heterogeneous Parallel Programming.

He has been exploring the GPU world to create super-fast Math libraries for Ruby. One such effort is building the ArrayFire gem that wraps ArrayFire library and will make it easy for programmers to use Ruby for Big Data.

Talks and Presentations

  1. Speaker at Ruby Conference India, 2017 to talk about Scientific Computing on JRuby.

    Slides Video
  2. Speaker at Ruby DevRoom at FOSDEM, 2017 to talk about Scientific Computing on JRuby.

    Slides Video


  1. NMatrix
  2. ArrayFire-rb
  3. Mitab parser
  4. Faster_lmm_d
  5. gperftools_d
  6. Dmatrix

Other interests